Screw it. I’m ill. I’ve been trying to sleep for hours. I can’t fast because of the whole ill thing. May just play COD:MW2.

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And I wrote the post at the title cos I’m on my phone and am confused.


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August 20, 2010 2 comments

Don’t buy Tesco Somerset brie.

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Eve project update

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So. I’ve been using the Eve online API. What I can do so far:

  • Check server status (online/offline)
  • Get user count
  • Get users on an account (Including corporation name/ID)

I can, however, do far more. I just need to make the parsers/handlers. I’m thinking of parsing account balance and assets info.

Eve Online Project

August 17, 2010 1 comment

Right, today (12am – 3 am) has been very productive!! I’ve been messing around with Java libraries for the Eve Online API and haven’t had much luck so I set out to create my own library. I don’t know if I’ll be releasing it but I will eventually release apps for Android phone users. Some will be free and some wont but all will be useful and reliable!

In other news, A friend of mine (the fellah that keeps posting replies) has come to visit and we can safely say that Sauron’s men have corrupted the Tate Gallery!!!

Leaving Turkey

Hello, boys and girls! So tonight is my last night in Turkey. I’ll be heading out tomorrow at 10:55 am to check out and should arrive in London around 2 or 3 pm (all local times). Let’s see what London holds for me. I know that I’ll be starting Eve Online with a friend when I get back. If you’re into it, let me know!

Apart from Eve, I’ll be continuing my Wing Chun training. For anyone who’s interested, Sifu tells me that he’ll show me some stuff for the Muk Yan Jong (wooden dummy). I’m really excited about that!!! Can’t wait!

As always, boys and girls;

Peace and love!!

Project Cancelled. More projects to come!

Ok, so I cancelled the 100 push up project because it was manly to have something in the Android Market and something I could learn from. To be honest, I’ve been getting to grips with the API quite quickly and have been helping out a little in the website. I do, however have a few more projects lined up.

Personally, I’m quite secretive when it comes to giving out details about things I aim to release to the public. This is the case with applications and music! I can talk about one Java app that I’ll be writing for a friend.

It’s going to be a desktop Stock Market simulator. I’ll have it merged with Google Finance. The features haven’t been finalised yet but I’ll be keeping you updated!


‘LVL’ing will save Android Developers Money!

Man! That’s a clever title!!

So Google recently answered the call of developers for better protection against piracy with the “License Verification Library.”

Basically, it’s a library you can use with your Android Apps to make sure that it was purchased┬álegitimately!

It requires Android 1.5+ and the Android Market to implement and the requirements and limitations don’t seem restraining.

Thumbs up, Google!!


If I was back in the UK, I’d be on this like a rash but since I can’t use my online banking stuff in Turkey, I can’t set up a publishers account with the Android Market.