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What’s going on?

So, at the moment, I’m working on getting an Android app to parse through a raw (local) XML document and extract the data so that I can manipulate it however I will!

I started out looking for some guidance and found THIS (click it). Thinking it’s exactly what I’m looking for, I set out to read it, understand it and apply it. I got through the first 2 but when it came to application on my app (:D) I hit a small but very real brick wall.

IT DIDN’T WORK! I keep getting an error. If you wanna help out, click HERE.

I’ve posted on the AndDev website (CLICK IT!) last night asking for someone to help me. Just recently, a nice fellow led me to read my stack trace and helped me discover that my app was throwing an uncaught NullPointError.

I can’t find what the problem is so I’m just waiting to see if I can get some help 😦

As promised last time, here’s a tune you can listen to!

Hide Pink Spider

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