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Update on project


Today has been a very productive day indeed! I started a new Android project. It’s very exciting and has some potential. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some downloads on the Market and learn from it.

The application will (when followed) guide the user through a training course where by the end of 6 week (or 4 if you’re that good), you’ll be able to do 100 push ups. Happy days.

Progress –

Today, I’ve set the project up and got an XML document to store the user list and details. Then, I parse the file and create “User” object that store the data and create a “UserBook” (shit name but screw you!) that’s essentially an object that stores an Array List of Users and allows access to details of users and manipulation of data.

Tomorrow, I want to set up a nice layout and have each user load up when the app is started so that the end-user can select one.

P.s Remember the problem I had with only having the XML thing to work with ‘new TextView(this)’ and not ‘R.layout.main’ ? Well, I fixed it. Basically, you need to ‘setContentView’ before you manipulate the things on it. What I was doing was doing

‘TextView tv = findViewById(R.id.lol)’

before the setContentView.

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