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Ok, boys and girls.

I just wanna write a little and share my thoughts on guidance and the path that we all follow. Let me start by saying I honestly don’t mind what your views are. We’re all products of what our life has taught us and if yours has brought you to think the way you do. How can I be so disrespectful and unsympathetic as to judge what you say and do??


We are all guided one way or another. Sometimes, the thought of running from home and living a lawless life can seem very appealing indeed. Let me tell you, boys and girls, when you wake up and smell the coffee, you may see just how bitter it is. Let’s take a child as an example. Say her parent’s don’t really speak to her much and she doesn’t get the moral nourishment she needs. What’s going to happen? At some point, she’s going to have to eat!

She goes to school;

Watches T.V;

Listens to music;

Reads Books;

Plays with friends

and the list goes on. At any of these points, if she feels that she can suppress her hunger, she may do so. If she listens to music about dancing on disco sticks, how nutritious do you think it’s going to be?

What am I trying to say? If your parents really are the kind that want the best for you, then you have no one better to listen to!! It’s simple! No one loves you more then they do and if you worked your whole life, you wouldn’t be able to repay them!! How could you? They loved you before you opened your eyes for the first time!

So. If you have parents that care for you, maybe you should be listening to them more. Who else cares about you that much? Who else thinks about you as much as they do?

I just cut a big portion of this post out. Maybe next time?

Peace and Love!

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